Conquers any slope

The developers at Kässbohrer are known for their ongoing efforts in the search for optimization. It is particularly important for the PistenBully’s “footwear” to remain on the cutting edge. That is why the new 6-belt KombiPlus track is now being launched on the market. Using it means smooth steering is possible even on steep slopes.

This is what the combi track was originally designed for: suitable for use anywhere, from “normal” terrain to steep slopes. However, increasing amounts of machine-made snow also places increasingly tough demands on the tracks. Now as before, this all-terrain track offers the perfect material combination of a lightweight aluminum cleat and a high-strength wear strip. After all, there’s a reason why they are the best-selling track style worldwide. The track’s powerful and extremely wear-resistant cleats are synonymous with high stability and superior power transmission.

Lighter with an even better grip

The 6-belt KombiPlus track is the completion of the 7-belt track. The tried-and-

tested track elements, replacement parts and patented belt connecting lock are still the same. Six belts instead of seven means more space between the individual belts, resulting in less snow getting “carried along” in the track.  In return, the spacing between the track cleats is now smaller.

Test tracks have been out and about all over the world, being tested with extreme rigor under the widest range of conditions. And they passed the test. The long service lifetimes speak for themselves – the new 6-belt KombiPlus track from PistenBully is extremely durable and stable. It can conquer any slope and enables easy steering.

“Long service life, high maneuverability and a perfect slope appearance were the objectives in the development of the new track. The new 6-belt KombiPlus track bundles together all positive knowledge gained from our earlier tracks,” says Uwe Thierer, Vice President Production at Kässbohrer and group leader responsible for the track project.

All advantages of our earlier tracks are bundled in the new 6-belt KombiPlus track.

Six instead of seven belts—this is what the new “footwear” of the PistenBully looks like when viewed from above.


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Best gradability on the market


One of the most advanced facilities in the world: our track production. this is where we make tracks of the highest quality and endurance. Such as the 7-belt Combi Plus Track. Its trademarks: best gradability and thrust on the market.

That’s what the combined tracks were originally designed for: universal use, from “normal” terrain to steep slopes. Increasing volumes of machine-made snow have also had an impact on the demands placed on the tracks, however. These all-round tracks still deliver the perfect combination of materials with lightweight aluminium cleats and high-performance cutting edge. There’s a reason why they are the best-selling track type worldwide. These powerful and extremely wear-resistant grousers are a synonym for high stability and optimum power transfer.

At 45 mm, the grousers are really wide. The well-designed cross section ensures the highest stability at reduced weight. This increases resistance moment, as plates this wide also withstand the highest loads. And that’s why our grousers last a really long time.

The cutting edge sits embedded in the centre of the grouser. Thus, the tracks on the right and left are identical and free of the running direction.

What’s more, the spikes and lateral guides are combined in one unit. These track elements are also positioned centrally on the grouser, secured compactly over the grouser and cutting edge. This increases stability and creates optimum handling and slope performance on any type of snow and ice. The track can be fitted individually, because additional drill holes on the wear strips facilitate extra fitting options that are simple to retrofit.

The design with 7 belts distributes forces more evenly and relieves pressure on the studs and rubber belts.

A new type of connection concept increases stability at the shackle connector, because the risk of elongation has been eliminated. This prevents pitch errors in the connector area and ensures consistent power transmission and very high tensile force.

Notable optimisation has also been achieved in relation to parts handling: Symmetrical tracks and reduced component diversity overall, make it much simpler for you to order, stock and fit replacement parts.

And don’t worry – one thing that hasn’t changed is track width. Your PistenBully will still fit in the garage in the future!


  • 135-mm spacing: Low weight, best gradability, impressive thrust
  • High-performance guide unit with honeycomb structure: Less weight thanks to less material
  • Low-maintenance grouser: No tilting due to fixing to the centre cleat and bolt guidance on the cleat shoe
  • Many common parts, few variations: Maximum of 4 different spare part cleats, universal track – individual fitting and free of running direction

7-belt Combi Plus Track with spikes

Stepped central wear bar pre-drilled for additional assembly
Optimized belt spacing for even weight distribution on the tracks
7-belt Combi Plus Track with spikes
Compacted joint with 3 strong layers
Joint support

High-performance guide unit with honeycomb structure

For comparison: conventional guide unit (5-belt track)
Drive wheel by 2 lines of support

Central toothed strip pre-drilled for additional hardware


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Works anywhere

The perfect combination of materials, with lightweight aluminium cleats and a heavy-duty steel edge for optimum traction. These strong, extremely wearresistant track cleats are notable for high strength and optimum power transmission. The toothed steel edge and additional track elements make for optimum travel and climbing behavior on all snowcovered surfaces.

Application areas

The Combined tracks can be used everywhere from “normal” terrain to steep slopes. Their toothed steel edge encounter no problems during dozing and preparation work, even on artificial snow or icy slopes. The toothed steel edge also provides effective protection against damage and wear caused by the soil when the vehicle is driven on thin layers of snow.


PistenBully 100 Steel track



PistenBully 400 Steel track



PistenBully 600 Steel track



PistenBully Paana Steel track




The X-Track grouser combines a steel core with high-quality vulcanized rubber cladding. The cladding has a herringbone structure that gives the chain an excellent grip.

Areas of application

With the X-Track, a PistenBully can be driven across wooded areas, meadows and moorland with very little damage to the terrain. The track also provides optimum

stability on boggy and swampy ground, thereby ensuring safe progress. The X-Track is not just a summer track. During its development, great care was taken to ensure that the X-Track would also give the PistenBully good stability and the necessary grip on snow. The X-Track is particularly suited as a protective chain when there is minimal snow coverage, but it can also be used in Indoor skicentres and for ski-run preparation. Moreover, the rubber grousers ensure quiet running on hard surfaces and asphalt roads.


PistenBully 100 Steel track