SNOWsat/Pro Academy

SNOWsat Digital solutions for Resort Operations

You think you know SNOWsat? Get ready to discover it all over again.

SNOWsat snow-depth measurement measures snow depth to an accuracy of +/- 1” visible in real time. Enables efficient management of snow reserves and improved distribution across the ski trails.

SNOWsat fleet management analyzes all parameters of the vehicle fleet in detail, contributing hugely to overall fleet efficiency. Perfect for controlled, sustainable vehicle management.

SNOWsat snow management enables planning of snow volume on individual slope sections across the season. The current situation can be called up easily and compared with the plan.

SNOWsat for building parks visualizes snow depth at the blade. Enables precision preparation at very low driving speeds. Visualizations in color help the job of modeling the snow.

SNOWsat for the vehicle operator supports vehicle operators in their day-to-day work. Operators share important information on all the vehicles in the fleet in real time – for example positions, prepared tracks and winch ropes.

SNOWsat reporting has customizable stats functions with evaluation and export options. Reports are easily emailed out to the appropriate recipients.

SNOWsat ToDo is a solution for administration and assignment of tasks as they arise in the ski area. Tasks can be assigned to specific individuals or vehicles.

SNOWsat Maintain administrates vehicles and equipment digitally. It’s never been easier to manage everything clearly, efficiently and across all brands, round the clock.

SNOWsat Digital Store offers a standardized interface for linking the PistenBully spare parts book and its shop function to the ERP systems of our clients.

SNOWsat GIS Data Manager enables the ski area to manage its GIS data and adjust to the current situation in the region – without the need for a GIS service provider.

Pro Academy Training

The PRO ACADEMY is a professional training academy for managers, drivers and technicians. The manufacturer-independent training courses can be booked by private individuals and corporate customers. With three academy areas and various types of training, the PRO ACADEMY has the right concept for everyone. Whether you’re coming as a beginner, with prior knowledge or an individual consulting request: thanks to the level system you can take advantage of the course that suits you best.

All practical training modules from the PRO ACADEMY are undertaken in your own ski resort and using your own vehicles or snowmaking facilities. The biggest advantage is that your drivers are already familiar with the existing vehicles, the systems and the slopes or the environment, which enables them to concentrate fully on the training. Because your drivers are accompanied and trained during their everyday work, you don’t need to worry about losing any working hours, and your slopes are perfectly groomed for the next morning.