We are always looking toward the future. And have been for a long time now.

Kässbohrer has a long-standing tradition of sustainability. It is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy and shows the type of standards that we measure ourselves against: Acting responsibly with an eye toward future generations. Thinking comprehensively. Taking the lead with innovative solutions to set new standards and help in shaping the future.

Of course we are not the only ones who are focusing heavily on this area. However, we have proven again and again in the past that we’re doing more than just talking about it. The best example is our PistenBully 600 E+. It demonstrates just how sustainable professional slope grooming can be—here and now.

The new PistenBully 600 E+: Making the impossible possible

Plenty of power. Lower emissions and less noise. Minimum operating costs. The PistenBully 600 E+ takes what seems like an impossible combination and makes it a reality: It is both the cleanest and the quietest snow groomer on the market. By offering this vehicle, Kässbohrer is taking one more step in the right direction. The PistenBully 600 E+ is and remains a trailblazer on the way toward professional slope grooming that is both professional and sustainable. Featuring a durable, low-maintenance diesel-electric drive for enormous thrust—even in the low speed range. Featuring 20% less fuel consumption for significant savings in the operating costs. Featuring 20% less noise and 20 % less CO2 emissions. A snow groomer for the ski area of tomorrow.


The best at a glance


Hydraulic tiller drive opens up the option for greater variety in attachments.


Electric drives for recuperation and reduced fuel consumption.


The highest drive torque and longest chassis guarantee the best thrust and climbing performance.


Intuitive Operation



With touch control. Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to operate.



Ergonomic double-joint joystick freely movable in all directions. 4 axes for 4 simultaneous movements and the proportional actuation of the all way blade.



Everything can be set individually with just one hand.


Less noisy. More efficient. More sustainable. This is what a trailblazer looks like.


Type Cummins X 12
Cylinders 6
Displacement 11.8 l / 11,800 cc
Power output (ECE) 382 kW / 512 hp
max. torque 2,375 Nm at 1,200 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 300 l (79 gal) 300
Fuel consumption from 17.0 l/h (4.49 gal/h)
Exhaust emission standard EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4F (USA only)


High energy efficiency and energy recuperation

Consistent operation of the diesel engine in the optimum speed range makes it extremely efficient, economical and 20% less noisy. In uphill operation, the engine drives the generators, together with the drive motors, as well as the hydraulic pumps by means of a splitter box. The intelligent energy management ensures that, in downhill operation, the electric motors function as generators and support the engine in driving the hydraulic pumps via the splitter box. This takes some of the burden off the engine, reducing fuel consumption significantly.

Optimum operating point

The PistenBully 600 E+ allows the operator to specify the desired driving speed using the throttle pedal. The intelligent vehicle control takes this information and calculates the best possible operating point at which the diesel engine provides the required output at optimum fuel consumption. This calculation also takes into account slope gradient, driving speed and tiller output. As a result, operation always remains at the lowest possible engine speed combined with high

utilization. This type of driving strategy is only possible using the PistenBully 600 E+.

Maximum power at low engine speed

The electric drive operates with excellent efficiency while ensuring consistently high torque. The power is available instantly, even when the engine is revolving at a low speed. This means that operating the PistenBully 600 E+ gives driving a completely new feel—with up to 16% more thrust as soon as you get going.

The best of two systems: our diesel-electric drive

The only snow groomer in the world with a diesel-electric drive complies with EU Stage V and features strong performance characteristics, efficiency and environmental friendliness. The high efficiency reduces the fuel consumption by another 20% in comparison to the PistenBully 600 Polar! This also reduces the CO2 emissions by 20%. And less consumption means more range.


The key formula for ideal slopes.

Optimized all way blade

Stronger snow screen with integral snowgun mount. Stronger mountings on the blade wings. Uprated hydraulic cylinders. The All Way Blade has been further optimized. For more stability. Better power transmission and rolling characteristics. And even more versatility on the job. The All Way Blade: for precision, effortless slope preparation. With the most thrust available on the market.

Tracks for any job

It does not matter what you plan to use your PistenBully 600 E+ for. We have the suitable track for it:

  • Rubber profile track X-Track with 975 mm / 38 in width: for forestry, meadowland and moorland work without damaging the ground.
    • Steel track with 1,648 mm / 65 in width: for extreme jobs on steep terrain and on icy or rocky surfaces.


  • Kombiplus track with 1,648 mm / 65 in width: the most advanced track and also the most successful one worldwide. Provides the best climbing performance on the market.

Optimized alpinflex tiller

The hydraulically driven AlpinFlex tiller is designed to provide ideal slope quality—even under extreme conditions. Innovative shape and arrangement of the tiller teeth. Built-in LED lighting. Memory function for saving and calling up all settings. In the “AlpinFlex Tiller Comfort” version: with hydraulic locking of the tiller halves and hydraulically foldable side finishers. Also equipped with camera. For maximum convenience.



Rear attachment carrier with smart, active steering assistance. Possible in both fixed position (locked) and floating position (released). Automatic steering support while cornering. Left and right. Automatic…


Intelligent control of the combined implement carrier. Can be used as a parallel implement carrier via software. Ensures ideal ground adaptation of the tiller on hilly terrain and automatically adjusts the tiller depth


You'll find more information about the vehicle here.

PistenBully 600 E+

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